We are pretty pedantic about ensuring your eye health is premium.

Sure, we have some beautiful eyewear at OPTIKO, but eyecare is still just as important to us. Just as our eyewear collection is sourced with incredible care, our eye examinations are meticulous and we only use the latest eyecare technologies.

As a standard procedure we have high-res digital retinal photography performed in all our full eye examinations. Retinal photography is crucial for diagnosing and monitoring some pretty important health issues (both optical health and even general health).


Meet our team of eyecare and eyewear gurus:


Mike is our chief optometrist and comes with a plethora of experience working in a vast array of practices both here in Australia and the UK. Mikes specialty is management of dry eye and glaucoma management


Dan is our new Operations manager, and one of the friendliest people working in Optometry. He comes to us from across the water in NZ!

Karen is our lens specialist and her background is precision lens laboratory milling. Karen has an empathetic, caring nature and is an incredible listener!

Michaela comes form a well trained background in Germany and is trained in the European tradition of dispensing optician. She loves Carl Zeiss lenses and is your lens guru.

Stacey is a fresh burst of energy and has enthusiasm in bucketloads to help you find the right design for your personality!

Charlotte has a calm nature and a good eye for design, she is studying a double degree in Business and Creative Industries.

Jami is our offical optometry student and has an infectious laugh, yet an eye for precision and detail.