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Everest Base Camp


Mike has decided to  help fund the construction of a much needed eye hospital in Nepal! 

With your help, Mike and a group of fellow like minded optometrists will travel to Nepal to provide primary eyecare in small villages for the next 3 weeks and trek to Everest Base Camp at the same time. 

They will be using portable equipment to treat and examine patients in places where eyecare is currently non-existent. 

The mission...

1. Provide training and supervision in primary eye care to hospital staff

2. Provide eye testing and medical care for anterior eye diseases

3. Identify patients who require further management and treatment from an ophthalmologist

4. Collect data for research purposes

5. Promote the prevention of diseases in the local Nepalese community, in particular, but not limited to those that can lead to blindness or vision loss and to promote the needs of those are vision impaired or blind.

6. Apply the income of the this crowd funding solely to promote these purposes

7. To trek to Everest base camp


Your donation will go DIRECTLY towards helping the sherpas build their first ever eye clinic, as well as facilitating specialist eye care to the sherpa community of Nepal.

Mike is pumped!

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Marly Welsh