For the person that doesn't follow the masses, Optiko has the most unique and eclectic collections of eyewear in Australia along with leading digital retinal imaging
and prescription eye tests.

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Sure, we have some beautiful eyewear @ OPTIKO, but eyecare is still just as important to us. Just as our eyewear collection is sourced with incredible care, our eye examinations are meticulous and we only use the latest eyecare technologies.

As a standard procedure we have high-res digital retinal photography performed in all our full eye examinations. Retinal photography is crucial for diagnosing and monitoring some pretty important health issues (both optical health and even general health).

Without getting all techy on you, let's just say we are pretty pedantic about ensuring your eye health is premium.

Our Optometrists


Mike is our chief optometrist and has over 25 years of experience in Australia and the UK. He is Paleo fan, and when he is not cooking you can find him battling waves at the beach.